MY COLLECTION- I'm new here! ;-)

  1. Here is my first collection photo ever! (The colors on some are not true to life, but I'll work on taking better photos later.) ENJOY!

    French Blue Twiggy
    Black City
    Magenta SGH
    Lilac First
    Floral Fabric? City
    Truffle GGH
    Black Matelasse
    Vert Gazon City
    Apple City

  2. Your collection is gorgeous!!! I love the sgh magenta it's beautiful! And welcome.
  3. love your collection! So colorful!
  4. wow, what a big collection!!!
  5. Wow, beautiful! What a nice selection of colors!
  6. gorgeous TDF collection!!! Welcome to tPF!!!
  7. very colorful! beautiful collection!
  8. Welcome and thanks so much for sharing!
  9. Love your collection - I love all the vibrant colors!
  10. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Welcome :flowers:
  11. Great collection! Welcome to tPF!
  12. WOW...GREAT bags!!
  13. Nice diverse collection... Not bad for being new to tpf!!!
  14. My goodness, being new here, your collection is def not new at all. I will kill for that gorgy apple green :nuts:
  15. Great collection!