my collection has to go in storage!

  1. well, we are moving in about 9 wks. problem is, landlord said they now have the right to show our place when we are at work. i decided i dont want strangers coming through when my stuff is here so packed up most of my good jewellery and purses. i just kept out the carly and hamptoms swingpack. i packed up my small chelsea, speedy and soho flap. good choices?
  2. I think so...I would definitely not want to leave high priced items laying around when strangers are coming through.
  3. ^^^ I agree, but I would also be pissed if they could show my apartment.
  4. First off i see you're in Canada.. Ontario I hope. Your landlord has to give you 24 hrs notice before he can let anyone in your appt. If you tell him that during the day when you're at work isnt good he cant go in.
    If i was to call him now and make an appt if you're not able to work with that he will have to make it for at least 24 later and you will have to accomodate that.

    Keep that in mind if he calls and or just shows up... Law is 24 hrs notice.

    BTW good luck on your move.

  5. I would make sure I get a climate controlled storage unit if that is where you are putting your stuff. If you are just boxing it up and putting it somewhere in a house or in your apt you should be fine.
  6. we r gonna take stuff ot my mom's. thanks fetish i m in sonowy ontario!