My collection - finally

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  1. :nuts: I just finished posting my full collection, in My Album. Take a look, I hope you guys like as much as I do..:yahoo:
  2. Beautiful collection--one to definitely be proud of!!
  3. Such a pretty collection! Congrats!
  4. Those are very nice. :smile: Great collection. Congratulations!
  5. What a great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  6. You've got a great collection!
  7. Very very nice
  8. Wow! When did you start your amazing collection?
  9. Nice collection. The small red drawstring bag.....I have the same one in black and it was my first Coach before I knew what a Coach was, let along a purse. I carried that thing to death. If I remember the retail was $78 back then.
  10. Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing!
  11. You have a great collection!
  12. You have a lot of beautiful, classic pieces. Love the white Ali and the HS light pink/khaki wristlet. You have quite a collection, definitely one to be proud of. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
  13. Wow! That's an awesome collection!