My collection! Come and see my madness!

  1. I know there are gals that have more than my current collection holds but I live in the middle of nowhere and sometimes I wonder what the heck I need this many bags for! LOL! But I love them! So here they are, my lovely collection along with my wallets and wristlets:


    top row: large bleecker duffle in magenta, ergo signature scarf hippie, bleecker large flap in brown signature, vintage ergo hobo
    middle row: gallery patent wristlet in magenta, signature scarf compact clutch, bleecker compact clutch in brown signature, gallery patent wristlet in ruby, signature demi pouch
    bottom row: soho flap in balck, canvas slim flap in citron, white slim flap, natural slim flap, legacy shoulder bag in chocolate signature
  2. Very nice!
    I am jealous of you girls with so much coach stuff!
  3. Beautiful collection!! You and I have similar tastes. I especially like the Ergo hobo and the Slim Flap in natural. Well done:tup:.
  4. I love pretty much every thing in your collection ;). Love the little touches of pink! And that magenta duffle is TO DIE FOR!!
  5. WOW 3 of a kind!!
  6. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! :love:
  7. WOW, you go girl!!!! Everything is amazing! Thanks for the eyecandy!!!!
  8. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I tell you that already??? LOLOL) your Bleecker Flap in chocolate signature!!!!!!!! Your collection is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  9. It is all so beautiful and buttery soft and everything....:yahoo:
    I want to end up with the ruby patent wristlet also! She's so pretty and goes with everything you have
    (except the magenta duffle, but you took care of that problem, lol!):girlsigh:
  10. Great collection. I love all the colors. The slim flaps look like a cute little trio about to take the stage!
  11. great collection.
    you have 3 flaps!:heart:
  12. aw i love your collection ! :smile:
  13. Love your collection! Congrats!!
  14. I love your collection!!! I have the same ergo and hopefully will have the same magenta duffle soon:graucho:!!! Your slim flap collection is fantastic!
  15. Your bags are so gorgeous! You have such great taste!