My collection: Balenciaga with a few Prada, and a Chloe!

  1. Mostly Balenciaga, but a few Prada, and a Chloe.
    Black 04 First with pewter hardware:

    Pistachio 04 First:
    Grenat 06 Mini Bowling and Sapin 06 Twiggy
    Lilac 06 City
  2. Balenciaga Black Purse
    Balenciaga Sapin Work
    Balenciaga Black Shoulder
  3. Chloe Paddington Clutch

    And that is all I have photographed for now. Will update soon
  4. cute collection!
  5. Great collection Siri Anne. Love all the B bags & the last Prada is divine!
  6. Great Collection!
  7. Love Pistachio Bbag, great collection!
  8. you sapin twiggy is GORGEOUS! beautiful collection thanks for sharing!
  9. Thanks everyone :smile:

    It's a small collection, I am still a beginner:yes:
  10. nice collection!
  11. I love that black 04 first with pewter hardware. Gorgeous:heart:
  12. Siri its definately not a small collection by any means!

    Wow fab to see them all out together. I love ALL your B Bags. That work is tdf. The leather on them all look amazing!

    Loving your Prada collection too - that hobo style one looks fab!

    Great Collection
  13. Ooooh I love the bbags, and the Chloe clutch is just too cute ! :yes:
  14. Love your collection :smile:
  15. :drool: all those B-bags~~~