My collection and what it needs

  1. Hey everybody :smile:
    I tought about sharing my collection with you by the first time... I am thinking about getting a new piece what do you think I "need" besides of a wallet :push: LOL
    give your opinions pls

    Mini lin Tanger
    wapity mono
    mono Noe
    mono speedy 35
    mono danube
    damier pocket agenda
    vachetta wish bracelet
    LV icons book
    IMG_6198.JPG IMG_5936.JPG IMG_5950.JPG
  2. How about something Azur for the spring summer?
  3. A Damier bag.
  4. nice collection!
  5. Great collection BTW! : )
  6. Nice :smile:
  7. Yes, I agree! An azur would be nice!
  8. something epi maybe
  9. Sunglasses
    Olav MM
    Damier Belt
    Melville Messenger
  10. Nice! I think you should get a Damier bag.
  11. it needs something black :yes:
  12. AH HA.... A Damier Geant bag... A Citadin or Messager in an earth color?
  13. Beautiful collection! John 5 always has such great ideas, so I would have to agree with him on the sunglasses... and maybe a damier piece, too!
  14. Lovely.
  15. what do u think about the archer
    :nuts: I would love that