My Collection - A Work In Progress!

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  1. I've been collecting designer handbags for about 13 years now, ever since I bought my very first Prada in Selfridges London. It was love at first sight and I've been hooked ever since.

    I've parted with many beauties over the years (tried to work it out the other night but far too many to really remember!) as I constantly update my collection and part with any that just aren't getting the attention they deserve.

    So this is where I'm currently at. Starting with the Givenchy bags (my latest bag crush brand!), the first purchase was the black shiny calfskin Antigona in the small size with pale gold hardware and original shorter shoulder strap, bought A/W 2014. The second Givenchy I bought was the magenta mini Antigona in goatskin with silver hardware, S/S 2015. The third was the black goatskin Nightingale in the small size with silver hardware, purchased in A/W 2015 so this is the newer style Nightingale.

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  2. Next is my Balenciaga's. I've had several in the past (notably a bubblegum pink First and a rich chocolate First that I now regret selling, sorry not sure of the exact colour names of these two) and now have six in my collection.

    2012 Lagon Velo with regular hardware - my first Bal after many years

    2012 Cassis City with rose gold hardware - possibly the prettiest in my collection, the rose gold with the rich cassis works incredibly well together, sadly the leather is quite papery so I don't use it very much for fear of damaging it

    2013 Black City with regular hardware - great leather on this one

    2013 Tangerine City with gold hardware - don't use this as much as I should, lovely looking bag but just can't seem to pull off orange!

    2013 Rose Corail Flat Messenger with gold hardware - perfect for running errands as it's a great little crossbody

    2013 Cigar Fonce Day with gold hardware - beautiful thick leather and rich glossy colour

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  3. And my other brand bags currently in my collection.

    2014 Proenza Schouler PS1 medium in Rip Tide - I've had several PS1's in the past (dark purple medium, large black and a Tobacco suede pouch) but I never seem to keep them for long. Although I love the style and colours, they don't seem to work for me, I can't quite carry off the style. This was an anniversary present from my husband though so it's a keeper!

    Christian Dior tan saddlebag - sorry not sure of the year as this is the only pre loved bag in my collection at the moment.

    Jimmy Choo metallic clutch bought in 2010 (if I remember right!) perfect for nights out.

    And finally my Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 bought in 2011, my favourite bag for travelling as it's perfect hand luggage size.

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  4. My entire happy little bag family :hbeat:

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  5. And I can't leave out my SLG collection.

    Louis Vuitton Rose Vernis makeup bag
    Louis Vuitton Amarente Vernis makeup bag
    Louis Vuitton compact wallet
    Balenciaga Blu Roi metal edge long wallet
    Balenciaga Anthracite long wallet with gold hardware
    Balenciaga Ultraviolet pouch with gold hardware
    Balenciaga triple tour bracelet in Gris Clair
    Balenciaga Tangerine iPhone pouch with gold hardware

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  6. My favourite in my current collection - and probably in my entire collection since I started buying designer handbags - is this stunning bag, the small Antigona in shiny calfskin.

    I cannot say enough about this bag. The style, quality and functionality is just everything you could want from a handbag. It looks so smart for work and has been heavily used for 18 months and shows no signs of wear. I've looked for the 'perfect' bag for years and this is it! I'll definitely be buying another small Antigona in the not too distant future.

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  7. Well thank you for letting me share and for taking the time to look at my collection. If you have any questions about any of my bags or want individual pictures (I went for group shots to keep it a bit shorter) please let me know. I'm going to New York at the end of the month so will hopefully be adding to my collection, any suggestions welcome! I'm currently torn between a Balenciaga metal edge city, a Saint Laurent SDJ and an Alexander McQueen Heroine.

  8. Just wanted to add this picture of the Balenciaga Cassis City with Rose gold hardware as it's such a pretty bag it deserves an individual picture!

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  9. Such a lovely collection. I agree, this one deserves it's own spotlight.
  10. Awesome collection!
  11. Fantastic collection. I love he bright colors.
  12. Thanks, it really is a beautiful combo.
  13. Thanks :flowers:
  14. Thank you :flowers: you need some colour to brighten any collection.
  15. Beautiful collection. The colours of Your balenciagas look amazing together in the family pic :smile:
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