My Collection, 100+ and still not enough!

  1. :nuts: :wtf: :drool:
  2. OMG! Wonderful collection! Congrats!
  3. holy freaking wow ...awesome collection I love it it has a lil bit of everything
  4. *snatches up the Tod's and frolics around* i'm so JEALOUS!

    delish collection!

    PS- very nice coach stuff :yes:
  5. holy crap that is a lot of bags.
    lovely collection, i am just floored by the amount!
  6. thank you again ladies! your comments never fail to make me smile! =)i actually don't buy as often as you guys do, but i never sold any of my bags ever since! =)
  7. I think this is the most amazing collection I have seen. So many!!
  8. HUGE collection:nuts: Great bags!! Love the LV´s! Wonderful collection!
  9. wow! that's nuts! I'm in awe!
  10. OMG:wtf: :drool:
  11. wonderful collection!!!!! nice choices
  12. Great collection... they all are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!
  13. awww!! i've never seen so many bags in one closet only!!!

  14. OMG!! pretty pretty pretty :yahoo:
  15. WHOA! :nuts: great collection!