My Collection, 100+ and still not enough!

  1. OMG--Love your guccis, chanel, prada, diors, burberrys, lv (especially the mandarin epi-I am on a pochette kick right now)

    Love your entire collection!!!!!
  2. You have so many!
  3. OMG! that is awesome.
  4. your collection is amazing i love all your burberry bags! and your coach scribble tote is adorable!
  5. Wow! You have a ton of nice bags!! :woohoo: Where do you keep them all? Do you have a family pic?
  6. thanks ladies! =) i have group pics (not updated though), which was posted in my old bag showcase thread. but it's so hard to update the pictures that way, taking all bags out of the dustbag each time a new one arrives.. haha.. so i thought of taking pics one by one so it'd be easier =) i'll try to find them and post it here, too =)
  7. omgggg
  8. WOWZA:nuts:

    i kept scrolling down thinking i would hit the bottom soon, but your bags go on forever!

    beautiful collection, i esp. love the ysl variety!
  9. OMG!! :amazed:
    They're all AMAZING!!

    You can pretty much have a different one everyday for the year...there's a goal! Do you use all of them or like have them on a schedule? If you don't mind me asking...
  10. I love everything that you have. They are so pretty. Huge collection you've got there. =)
  11. All I can say is WOW!! :nuts:
  12. Wow, what an amazing collection! I only wish I had enough storage space to hold that many bags!
  13. BagsRmyLife, i change bags almost everyday but there are bags that i use more often than the others, like the speedies. they are so roomy and comfy to use! :yes:

    i actually want to sell those that i dont use often (like the coach bags) but my mom stops me from doing so! she thinks i should just keep them and hand them over to my nieces when they grow old :yes:

    lorihmatthews, i actually don't have the luxury of space! :sad: during weekends i stay in my pad, which is really small (just a 1-bedroom unit) and i had to convert my day bed to bag shelves just so my babies won't end up lying on the floor! :roflmfao: i leave about 1/3 of my bags at our house where i stay every weekends :yes:
  14. OMG what a collection, congrats!