My cole haan is here!!!!!Yey? Nah?

  1. I like the look of it for summer!!!However, I feel like the bag is somewhat stiff (straw) and big for me....what you guys think????Do you guys think it's too big to carry on shoulder??Should I keep it?????[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Its a cute summer bag!
  3. Thanks Lila :smile:
  4. i agree its very nice
  5. I like it on the shoulder better than in the hand ... it looks like it nestles under your arm quite comfortably. :smile:
  6. It's cute but a little too long in the length for my taste.
  7. I have been looking at this bag and thinking whether or not I should buy it, but I have to agree it looks too long! Shucks!
  8. great summer bag :smile:
  9. That's what I was thinking...:sad:
  10. I like it! great vibe!
  11. I think that it's a cute, sassy summer bag!
  12. A bit long in length, but its def. good for the summer.
  13. You picked such a cute outfit to go with it, though! Love that top! :heart:
  14. Heehee :P
  15. I am going to have a date tonight...can't wait to use my new bag!:shame: