My Coke Rewards--Anyone Want To Share Your Unused Codes???

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  1. :shame:I hate to sound as though I'm begging or some kind of charity case, but here's the thing...I just signed up on and have started saving points. I am trying to save points up for a trip for my son and I to go to the Nickelodeon resort and Disneyworld this fall. I travel for work and have been banking my points with my hotel chain to utilize toward the vacation. I found out that I can "purchase" additional points for this hotel chain through At the rate I'm going with Coke rewards, my son will be 25-years old before I have enough points on my own for anything substantial!

    So I started thinking there have to be Coke product drinkers on tPF. If you happen to be one those people and are not collecting points, would you be ever so kind and PM your codes to me? I would greatly greatly appreciate it!

    I want to do something fun for my son and he's been asking to go to Disneyworld for the past year. Ever since the divorce this Spring, funds have been tighter than usual and I've been feeling guilty about the entire situation even though I know I made the right decision.

    Thank you so much in advance!!!:flowers:

    (Mods--I hope this is posted in the appropriate location)
  2. I generally only drink Pepsi, but if I come across any codes I'll send them your way!!!
  3. Oh Twinkie! I have so much of them. I usually grab one from the store before heading out. I'll keep those codes for you from now on :biggrin:
  4. Thank you so so much! I'm usually a Pepsi drinker as well, but since they resurrected Vanilla Coke, I've switched sides for the time being! :rolleyes:
  5. do they come on 12 packs or just bottles?
  6. I bought them in 12 a pack yesterday! :yes:
  7. Well, hello Coke lover! I will talk sweet to DH and pass our's along as well! :okay:
  8. I will definently pass mine along once I pry them off my dad's hands!! lol..

  9. Hrmm...think it'll happen? I'm thinking we need to coincide our family vacations! Wouldn't that be fun??? Your DH would kill us...
  10. ^^^Oh, yes and I blame the two of you for my new Coke addiction!:P
  11. Hey, I still do the Diet (with vitamins and minerals now)'s all DH's fault! :tender:
  12. Where are the coke codes on a 12 pack of cans?
  13. They are usually printed on the inside. Sorry to be so vague-I'm sitting in a hotel room right now. If I were at home, I could give you an exact description. If no one posts one, I'll let you know tomorrow when I get home!
  14. Twinkie, your jack sparrow is the cutest ;)
  15. Thank you! I think so, too!:P