My coke can family

  1. Someone wanted pics?:P
    IMG_0938.JPG IMG_0941.JPG IMG_0947.JPG IMG_0937.JPG IMG_0933.JPG
  2. Oh they are all just gorgeous. I swear if there was a spare gold pap in Aust I would be soooo getting it.
  3. omg!!! nice cans :smile: all of 'em are very gorgeous:smile:
  4. So pretty! Thanks for sharing!
  5. YUMMY !!! Congrats! :biggrin:
  6. cute! They look so small.
  7. lovely babies :biggrin:
    wanna c ur entire collection!!
  8. Sooo pretty! Congrats!
  9. omg that's so pretty!
  10. Congrats .. they look soo cute together:heart:
  11. love it! they all look so beautiful together!
  12. love them!
  13. :graucho: Can I be your best friend?:P
  14. oooh! Ahhh! Drool! lol so nice!
  15. Aww.. they're just too cute together !