my coin purse as a wristlet

  1. So, I've always thought of buying a wristlet (or clutch with a strap) to use for when I go out so I don't have to worry about it, and can wear it around my wrist like a bracelet.

    Playing around with my new (for me!!- thanks to my ROAK buddy) ink CP, I added a bracelet and viola! A wristlet that fits my cell phone, credit card, cash, and a lip gloss- just perfect for going out!!!

    I'm looking for other bracelets that work with it too (the one below is from venice, multi-colored venetian glass bracelet)

    sell 005.jpg sell 006.jpg
  2. that is genius - aren't you just amazed at how much stuff fits in there?! so adorable, thanks for the piccies :yes:
  3. What a creative idea! Perfect for those bits you need to bring out with you in the evening.
  4. Thats Beautiful!!
  5. CuTE :tup:
  6. what a great idea!! thanks for sharing.
  7. what a great idea! thanks for sharing.
  8. That's such a great idea! I think I may have to try it with my coin purse :yes:
  9. what an awesome idea!!
  10. What a cute idea! You said this is an ink? I have an ink Box and would love a little wristlet like this!
  11. aw, that's so cute!!
  12. Thats very creative! And congrats on your new CP! :tup:
  13. Thanks everyone! I know the bracelet isn't the best look with the CP, but it needs to be a somewhat cheapo (no diamonds hehe) and large one and I don't have many lying around. I definitely think it could look really really good with a different bracelet though. And it really is the perfect size to fit a credit card, id, cash, cell, lip gloss!
  14. What a good idea! And your RAOK buddy got you an Ink CP? That's amazing!
  15. Wow, what a brilliant idea!!! U're so clever dear!!!! Thks for sharing.