My Cognac is in Belgium

  1. Ladies! Ladies!

    My Fab Lovely Beautiful Cognac Spy From the sweet pinchrosemary, is now in Belgium, I should Have her on Monday, My gosh I can't Hardly wait.:yahoo:

    This is my first designer purse, and it's my dream bag since almost 2 years, the spy bag, and my fav color Cognac. I'm So Happy.

    Thanks for everything ladies, because I’ve learned so much here.:yes:

    :love: *hug* :love:
  2. congrats on your purchase!! i've been keeping track of her auctions too but still on a bag ban for 3 months so i can buy a spy. which one did you get? do post pics....
  3. Oh Poor Baby, bag ban? that's hard!

    ok I post! Now I Can, because it's alllll mine. These are pic's I get from pinchrosermary.

    Isn't she a beauty??:heart: :heart: I already love her sO:huh::huh:o much!
    101%20FRONT.jpg 101%20BACK.jpg 101%20TOP.jpg 101%20SIDE%20B.jpg dsc07059.jpg
  4. what a beautiful bag!! Congrats! by the way, is that chocolate or cognac?? :confused1: How much did u manage to pick up this baby for? :graucho:
  5. OMG - stunning full of bubbles spy bag. I love this colour.

    Brilliant buy Angy big Congrats, let us know what you think of her when she comes Monday

  6. No Prob and I'll post more pics.

    The price was 850$ + 35$ (shipping+ insurance) and I think it'll be 250$ for custom.

    But she’s so gorgeous it was love at first sight.

    To answer your question Joaniii It’s a cognac

    And Saich Honey I knew you’ll love the leather of my sweetheart.

    Girls I’m actually so happy, “I Believe I Can Fliiiiiiight, I believe I can Touch the skyyyyyyyyyy”
  7. Congrats! That's a very good deal.
  8. Angy she is absolutelty gorgeous! She actually looks a really rich congnac which is even better. Fabby and a great price too - you lucky girl. The first of many I can imagine.

    Remember and post your pics when you get her as it would be good to see them as well!

    Woo hoo - you are in the Spy gang now! Congrats again
  9. Yeah one of many I hope!

    Girls I'm so proud I'm in the gang!

    I agree, she looks stunning on those pictures, can't wait to hold her.

    And thanks ladies you're all so sweet!:love:
  10. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    That's GREAT news!!! I was emailing Melanie about bags and she told me how worried she was about your bag - losing sleep even - she's so sweet, (like you)! You got a great deal; the bag looks absolutely perfect! I'm so excited for you, yea!!! I'll be watching for your update on Monday. ;)
  11. oooh - congrats!!! The spy in cognac is SO beautiful!!!! One day I hope to add it to my collection.. I have quite a few brown bags though so I've been holding back...

    YAY for you! Please post up pics when you get your cognac spy on Monday so we can drool all over your eye candy!!! CONGRATS!
  12. Thanks guys! I :heart: you all!
  13. Angy, cognac is beautiful! My friend just picked one up in Rome few weeks ago. Wear it in good health.
  14. That is Such a beautiful colour!! I wonder why doesn't look as dark as yours.. Yours seems to have a shimmery sheen to it, which makes it even more beautiful! Darn, I should have scounted around for longer.. :push: But either way, Congrats on your purchase once again!! :yahoo:
  15. Thanks, she looks fabulous that's true. I can't wait monday!