My Coachie Christmas!!

  1. [​IMG]

    Here's all my goodies!! (both from dh, my mom and me!) LOL! :graucho:
  2. Congrats! I love your chocolate ergo! {I so wanted that for Christmas!} You lucky ducky!
  3. Wow! I'm jealous. I can tell you're a fan of the signature stripe in brown/bronze. And the legacy stripe wristlet is to die for. Thanks for sharing!
  4. wowza! congrats :smile:
  5. Wow, Teena! Everything is absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy your new Christmas goodies!
  6. WooHoo!
  7. Teena:

    I love everything you got! Congratulations on your awesome Coach Christmas!

  8. What a haul! You're so lucky. Who gave you what?

    I love the sig stripe pieces. I'm slowly collecting a set, but in the black/gunmetal colors.

  9. :nuts::drool::heart: Nice!
  10. Thank you, ladies!

    Demosthenes, here's the list:

    from my dh (with help from my mom):
    1) chocolate siggie ergo: which I knew about since I helped him get it cheaper than he was going to originally get it for.
    2) Carly: a total surprise! I was talking about getting a khaki/beet top handle pouch. DH then ordered and asked for a small Carly. He ended up ordering the medium since he didn't realize what the pouch was. He gave me the choice of sending this back and getting the pouch. I said no, thank you!
    3) signature stripe set: I suspected this since I wanted to order it during PCE but he warned me not to.
    4) black lurex set: another surprise. He liked how they looked in pictures!
    5) penquin
    6) bleecker wristlet: my mom wanted it for me to go with my bleecker wallet since I passed it up in Sept. when we were at the Mall of America
    7) legacy stripe wristlet

    from me to me: (heehee!)
    1) silver lurex set: had to track these down!
    2) dragonfly keyfob & flower charm: purchase during PCE and stuck them under the tree for later
    3) I have a magenta patent mini skinny on the way too! Late Christmas pressie!

    I promised that I'd go on a ban now until summer! LOL! We'll see how that goes!
  11. Wow! Great gifts!!
  12. Good luck on that ;):lol:
  13. nice haul!
  14. WOW! Nice stuff! Looks like you made out like a bandit! =)
  15. as drool runs.... JK

    What a great Christmas... I am so in love with all the Chocolate items..