my Coach Wristlet and Clutch Collection :)

Aug 14, 2006
BC, Canada
nice collection
thank you!
Very Nice!
thank you!
thank you for sharing your great collection! i love your pegasus fob!
It was my first fob! I have a few more but they are on purses. In the past 2.5 years my Coach collection has grown. After this fall, I'll try to slow down lol. I don't mean for my collection to grow, but I love purses.
what a colourful collection! my favourite one from your pictures is the Audrey Editorial Sequins Clutch. it's just so girly!
thank you! I loved the first day I saw it - and decided to buy it the next day and had to call around the Coach stores to find as it was selling out, and only one sequin fell off :sad: but it wasn't on the first day so I knew it's very well made. I love it a lot as well.
perty!! I LOVE clutches and own a ton of them, too, so I understand your obsession! :yes:
Since I've been buying the ones I love, I find I'm always looking inside wishing for card holder. But if I really love it, I know it doesn't matter :smile:
Love your collection!
thank you!
major collection, thanks for sharing!
thank you!
Great collection! Thank you for sharing pics!
Thank you!


Aug 11, 2011
nice collection! I'm slowly building up my wristlet and smaller coin pouches.


Apr 7, 2010
congrats on the great collection! I am glad that i am not the only one that has alot of wallets :biggrin: