my Coach Wristlet and Clutch Collection :)

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  1. This is my collection of wristlets and clutches
    my collection will grow I'm sure - as I'll be adding a few more this fall. ;)
    My top two favorites:
    1) madison black leather zip clutch with the beautiful red lining!!!
    2) Audrey Editorial Sequins Clutch!!!!

    the ones I've been using a lot lately. :love:

    Here is my video of my collection

    Attached Files:

  2. Wow, impressive. What's the name of the colorful Poppy wristlet below the orangish Kristin wristlet? I've never seen that one before.

    They're all so pretty. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Nice collection!
  4. is that the Pop C? I like the kristins :smile:
  5. Thank you!

    Thank you! it's from the 2010 Spring Poppy line. Its called a "Pop C" large wristlet.
    I had the first "Pop C" wristlet from 2009 - but my younger sister really loved it, so I gave it to her. What I love about this fun wristlet is the purple and gold colors. It has a nice sateen feel. :smile:
  6. Yes :tup:
  7. Oh, no wonder, I love the "Pop C" patterns! They're so much fun. I've only been really into Coach a little over a year, so this one probably came out right before my active interest. Thanks!
  8. nice collection
  9. Very Nice!
  10. thank you for sharing your great collection! i love your pegasus fob!
  11. what a colourful collection! my favourite one from your pictures is the Audrey Editorial Sequins Clutch. it's just so girly!
  12. perty!! I LOVE clutches and own a ton of them, too, so I understand your obsession! :yes:
  13. Love your collection!
  14. major collection, thanks for sharing!
  15. Great collection! Thank you for sharing pics!