My Coach Weekend!!

  1. I'm still in shock over how much I expanded my Coach collection this weekend, I went positively Coach crazy :wtf: But I love my new bags! First up is a bag I got from another Coach collector. It's an older style but the bag itself had never been used. I really love it, it reminds me of a big envelope clutch with a strap, kind of retro. I'm saving it for fall because my fall coat has kind of a retro look to it as well. I was so excited about this bag!

    So I was pleased to get such a great deal on a pretty new bag and thought that my Coach escapade had come to an end. But NO...I stopped by one of my favorite department stores while travelling to see family this weekend to take a quick look around. Lots of Coach and kate spade on sale, mostly black and white signature Coach bags, nothing I was really interested in. Normally I don't even bother looking at full price Coach because it's SO expensive and the more common bags all go to the outlets anyway. So I browsed quickly, saw the new signature totes that you can monogram (cute, but not impressed for $300, wish they had thicker, more comfortable straps!), a few other bags and decided to make my exit. But I saw the patchwork denim collection, it really caught my eye. The store had a few hobos in blue and beige, and I tried one on for fun. But THEN in the back of a case I spotted the next beautiful bag I got this weekend...the Patchwork Denim Demi! I saw this bag and I was in :heart: ! I tried it on and was sold, even at full price. It's about twice as big as the original demi, so it's a good, functional size, and it matches everything (I wear a lot of denim and it looks great). I've never owned a bag like this, it's sort of flashy, and I didn't think I would ever want to but I adore it. And I've already gotten complements!

    So I've been all starry-eyed over my demi all weekend, but I still figured that I should stop by the Coach outlet this weekend to check out the sales. And boy were there sales! I wasn't prepared, I could have spent hundreds if I had it, but after the demi bag I had to budget (the outlet ladies said that they didn't think the patchwork denim would make it to the outlets, so I felt good about that purchase!). Lots of gorgeous scarves, all the leather bracelets were there too, fun key fobs, and really good deals on the linen signature bags from summer. This outlet even had the ombre bags for an additional 30% off. It looks like I came too late to get good deals on the nice leather bags, but there was still plenty to oggle! I ended up with two pieces I'd intended to get for a long time: the Coach goldfish keyfob and a matching gold optic mini skinny. I'm going to use them with my smaller evening bags and maybe occasionally in my patchwork bag (may use the fish as a bag charm). They seem a little bit too delicate for everyday use though. Each piece was under $25, so I think I ended up with some good deals!

    Ahh, tonight I'm seriously going to dream about Coach, it's ridiculous! Thanks for letting me share my stories and pics! Now time for fireworks :tender:
    coach1.JPG coach2.JPG coach3.JPG
  2. OMG they're gorgeous!! I love every single one of your pieces :love: And I absolutely love their new indigo patchwork bags too.. they're so hard to resist! Congrats!!

    And :shocked: you got the Coach gold fish keyfob!! I've been trying to get one forever and had no luck with it. Lucky girl!!
  3. Congrats on your lovely purchases!!!
  4. Congrats! I love the fishy!
  5. very nice, congrats!
  6. the sa said the patchwork didnt make it to the outlets? i saw that bag and so many others at woodbury commons!! this weekend! was this a new SA i saw MANY patchwork bags, and in the demi, the tote, the file bag, first time i ever saw the file bag. and they were in great condition too! other wise cute purchases! sorry lol but im kind of pissed at that SA for you! usually they have decent knowledge of the other outlets or the bags that usually show up. and woodbury commons was patchwork crazzzzzzy. maybe call them up? did you use the bag/pull off the tag? didnt some of the other girls in this forum see the bags there?
  7. nice congrats!
  8. OOOH! I love all of your things. How much was the demi? I haven't seen that one before.
  9. i would seriously check this out because why should you have to pay full price for something you could get discounted?
  10. lol now i feel slightly insane?
  11. no i remember seeing also the sidepack and wondering if i wanted it now that i saw it, but the patchwork while pretty, isnt really for me.
  12. lol can someone help me clear this up i feel like im losing my mind here.. : /
  13. Congrats, the mini skinny is adorable !
  14. I think she bought the patchwork demi at a dept. store for full price.. and the rest of the things she got at the outlet?
  15. yeah i love teh gold fish key fob too! but only after i saw this picture. lol perfect timing ( at least wallet wise )