My Coach Things

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  1. I have Coach .. I started back in 1991 - I went to the counter and asked for a small black purse, all leather, inside and out, no fabric. They introduced me to my first Coach :smile: .. I have bought several over the years and loved them for durability and high quality. When Coach initially moved their products more into fabrics, I was not pleased. The leather purses have been so durable that I hadn't needed to add to my collection but now I'm really keen on what's coming out.

    This past year they have won me over again .. I have been loving the styles that have come out the last couple of years. I feel the style and fabric / leather options have brought them into line with their price. It was tough for a few years to go from a leather purse to a fabric one for similar price, but now the styles and hgh quality have me a believer again.

    Here's my purse collection :smile: I have a leather backpack, the small black purse that got me started, a wallet with a strap, a couple of Station Bags, a large red hobo, (I like red :lol: ) and in the newer lines, the patchwork from last summer in a swing pack, and my lastest greatest, the metalic mosaic bag - I really wanted something glitzy as a formal purse, I love to go on cruises and this will come with me in a couple of weeks for a Caribbean trip.

    In accessories, I have a red cellphone case that goes with the red Station Bag, the Optic Lipstick case I got for Chrismas after emailing my hubby the link from the Coach site along with hints.. also several red leather wallets etc. I also have the blue wallet with an identification card window which is where I put my Cruise card when on ship, and often use this one to store the memory cards for my digital camera :smile:

    My next item should be the matching coin wallet for the gold mosaic bag, in the long term I sure could use a tote, so I'll be watching what comes out this year .. I really like the Holiday Patchwork but alas no purse budget at the moment, but birthday is in March ... hint hint Stephen .. lol I'll send him another wish link then :smile:

    Thank you for checking out my bags, I so much enjoy browsing at all of yours.

    Sugar Land, TX

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  2. The optic lipstick case is adorable ! I love it, that is truly luxury when even your lipstick has it's very own designer case !

    I'd have to say, my Coach experience has pretty much been the opposite of yours, I don't actually own any Coach items that are entirely leather, I'm thinking about it though, but there are so many bags on my to buy list !
  3. Oh ya, on that second picture is a Coach hat .. I also have some red coach gloves with cashmere lining but since I moved back to Texas from Seattle I haven't needed to wear them and would have to hunt them down lol .. I know we're doing purses but I consider them to be purse accessories ;) thanks again for checking them out ..

    ps .. I'm looking for a good travel jewelry case, doesn't have to be Coach lol something with good capacity for when I travel, looking for any suggestions there.

  4. What a great collection of Coach bags! I love all the red ones!
  5. somebody likes red!! very nice!
  6. i love your metallic mosaic pleated hobo! so cute
  7. Beautiful collection, the red looks really pretty!
  8. I'm so happy you LOVE Coach!! My favorite piece is defiantely your red hat, it must look great with all of your red bags!!
  9. I love the leather backpack! For the last week I've been trying to decide if I should buy a backpack from coach. Do you get a lot of use out of yours? I'm so glad there is another coach lover here! I started loving coach back when they only had the leather purses as well.
  10. Hi Coach :smile: .. The red backpack has been great! I love the handle on it as well. Its especially nice if you are carrying something that usually doesn't fit in the shape of a purse, a bottle of water for example if I'm going on a walk, or a book. Very capacious, and this one I can carry by the handle if I wish. I use it quite a bit and have for ummm.. 7 years or so lol. Other than needing a bit of a cleaning and maybe some moisturizer its held up incredibly well, mind you all the leather Coaches, even those that live a hard life, have held up tremendously.

    The fabric ones are a bit more of a concern and need care, some of the fabric is hard or not able to be cleaned, and you wouldn't want them to get wet .. but some of them sure look great :smile:

    Thanks for checking out my pictures :smile:

  11. Thanks for the advice! I think I need to go buy one...:biggrin:
  12. Great collection. Love all the red!
  13. That caught my eye too! I definitely want that now! :love:
  14. :biggrin: I heart:heart: coach!
  15. So many nice red bags!!!I can never pull off a red but I have a red chair lol Good job!