My Coach therapy is HERE!!!!

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  1. And now I am sooooo banned LOL. I've really outdone myself for the month of April...not sure what it is-the impatience for warm, sunny weather, my hockey team losing its first game in the playoffs, the fact that I've changed my major in college AGAIN knowing full well that I am just extending my non-traditional student status even longer, I don't know!:shrugs:

    But here I am with my new ergo patent leather hobo in pond with matching mini skinny, and my first official tattersall piece in a demi. And on this dreary, chilly, rainy day here in Michigan, I for now have a Coach-inspired smile on my face:smile:...

    Here's some pics shot with my laptop camera, with my awesome (NOT) quickie-rainy day-going to class hairdo :yucky:...

    TIA for letting me share!!!:flowers:

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  2. CUTE CUTE!!!!! I have that pond ergo and LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Beautiful bags!!!! I have that pond patent in a tote - isnt it such an awesome color? You look so happy with those, and they look just fantastic on you! Congrats on some great purchases!
  4. I love all your new stuff. The Tattersall Demi and Ergo Hobo is so cute and so is your mini skinny. Congrats.
  5. Love them're a great model!
  6. Congrats! They both look fabulous on you!

    I really love the pond ergo... I've been debating it myself. I also have the tattersall demi.... and it's wonderful!
  7. love the tatersall demi!!
  8. Congrats on your new purchases!!!
  9. Yea, didn't the weather suck! I had JUST gotten my hair done!

    Congrats on the purchases, both are gorgeous.
  10. super cute northstar! they all look great on you! your super pretty btw! :smile: congrats!
  11. So so so cute! I wish I had skinny arms like you so I could wear a demi. Both bags look great on you!:tup:
  12. OMG I so :heart: all of you! Thank you so so much for all of the wonderful compliments!:blush: You've all really brightened my day that much more.

    ...skinny arms? Me? Awww man tanukiki that is one of the best things that I have heard in a while! Growing up with 3 sisters who are all practically a size ZERO and having to be in a wedding this August with them, you really made me feel better about wearing a sleeveless bridesmaids dress this summer and posing in pics next to them:biggrin:
  13. CUTE Tattersall Demi and LOVE the Pond ergo! Great purchases! Congrats!
  14. I love both of those bags so much! And they look even better on you! Enjoy them both!
  15. Great selections.
    I'd pick the exact bags!