My Coach tag has a flaw! Can I just switch the tag instead of returning the bag?

  1. My coach tag that comes with my pouch has a flaw in it, like two scratches that are noticiable! Can Macy's just switch the tag instead of returning the whole bag? Plzz help! :crybaby:
  2. Just ask them, they should accommodate you once you explain what you don't care for about it.

    I would take the bag in as well, so they see that you do have the bag that goes with the hangtag. Worse comes to worse, you can always buy another of the same bag, but with a perfect hangtag, then return the bag & tag that you don't want.

    But Macys will probably make the hangtag exchange, just ask!
  3. I am a hangtag inspector also. Sometimes I will ask to switch the tag prior to purchasing if I am not happy with the quality.