My Coach scarf tote cleaned up nicely!

  1. I used what Coach rec'd - Ivory liquid detergent mixed with some cool water and then using a damp cloth I wiped the entire purse. It works!!! The dirt marks pretty much all disappeared. The suede on the bottom I did my best using my applegard suede cleaner, but the corners are slightly worn/dirty and won't get much better. There's one small spot where it seems maybe something sticky like tape got on it and that's there to stay too, but all in all I think it looks pretty good.

    What do you guys think, does it look clean? It was the lower corners that were bad - and of course the lightest colors were down there (pink and white).

    Thanks for your honest thoughts! :idea:


  2. twinklette it looks great to me u did such a good job! :biggrin:.......unless i flipped it over and was actually looking for sign of wear i'd never know it was in the condition it was when u received it.....
  3. Looks nice! Good thing the Ivory and water worked :nuts:
  4. VERY good thing lol. I thought I was doomed when my friend at work said "oh it's pretty dirty". I almost died!!! At least now I know what to use on it if it does get soiled, but I take really good care of my stuff :smile:
  5. Thank you jc! It was pretty soiled. There's a snag on the back which I tried to get a picture of but it didn't show. As long as it's on the back I don't mind so much since I did pay 1/2 retail on the bag. I'm just thankful it at least looks clean now :nuts:

  6. Besides that one corner it looks perfect! Glad to hear the cleaning method worked out, that is such an adorable bag!
  7. Looks great! You might want to invest in a suede brush. They kinda take off some dirt from suede, but don't use it too much b/c it also takes away some of the suede. But it's a good way to clean too!
  8. I used the suede brush on the can of applegard - do you mean a small one that's made differently, where can I get one? Thanks!

    Of course I love it! :love:
  10. Looks great! Good job cleaning up the bag!
  11. aw thanks guys!!! I am so happy it came out ok. Using her tomorrow!
  12. Wow, you did an awesome job cleaning it up! I would've never guessed it was in the condition that you described. I have this same bag, bought new just last month (thanks kiari!). I usually take care of my stuff, but with this bag I'm always trying to be extra careful. Love it though! Congrats!