My Coach reward!

  1. I went Coach shopping with a friend of mine this morning. I wasn't planning on getting anything again for awhile....BUT.

    Well I just fell in love with this wallet, contrast from the pink and white is SO PRETTY!:

    Today marks my 1 month of working out at the gym so I decided to get the wallet and reward myself for all my hard work!:p

    Now I am definately on a ban until I can afford my wishlist item.
  2. Ohhh, how pretty! working out for a month is hard! you derserve a reward! Look to my siggy to see what mine is when I lose two more clothing sizes!
  3. congrats!! Great reward especially for working out at the gym for a month. I just started back up last week. We need something to get our butts there. LOL! I love the wallet...gorgeous!!
  4. Very pretty!
  5. Oh I have that french purse in whiskey! Isn't it great?? I love it. Awesome choice for a reward. :smile:
  6. I love it!! I am trying to hold out until PCE... we will see what happens.

    I really like the pink/white contrast! Its a nice compliment!:yes:
  7. congrats on the month at the gym! it's so tough (trust me, i'm failing miserably at it!)
  8. I just started this week too and passed my second workout workout last night. Now, tonight is TV night with all the good shows on so we are skipping but we are hitting it hard Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    Hmm I think that it is time to pick out my one month present and just look at it so that I have more motivation. I am thinking Pond Shoulder bag!!! Yep, that will do.

    Love the idea of a gift to yourself. Hopefully, the DH will go for it. He is the one who really wanted to join the gym and I am supporting him in it.

    Enjoy your gift and keep on working!!!
  9. Congrats on the wristlet and the time at the gym!
  10. Congrats! I love that wallet.
  11. Thanks Everyone! I will take pictures of my new wallet this weekend :heart::p:heart:
  12. It's so cute! Congrats on both your reward & deserving it! It's hard to get yout butt to the gym, but a new Coach may make it a little easier!
  13. Congrats and way to go!
  14. Cute wallet!!
  15. I love it!