my coach rant

  1. so i went to coach today (danbury ct) to send in my sig. tote for repair wish me luck that they can fix it!
    I was completly shocked they totally had a horribe selection of bags. I got a call 2 weeks ago from coach in paramus that their new floor set was up. They had all the heritage items up their floorset was stunning i went to go see it a week ago. The coach in Danbury had all their heritage totes in the corner in a box wrapped up still.

    Then i went to lord and taylors and their heritages items were all up and they had a way better selection of coach shoes then the damn coach store. I must say i am little surprized
  2. I'm sorry you had a bad experience! Hey, look at it this way--they are the ones that are gonna lose business by not having the new items out for display!
  3. I will never go to danbury again everytime i go there are new people working there, some arent too nice. my favorite sa doesnt even work there anymore she works at white plains im way better off going there
  4. I was at the Coach in Manchester with my brother on Saturday. He was so embarrased to be there...the last time he went in that store he was "liqoured up" and had bought me an Ergo hobo, scarf, and gift card for christmas. heheh

    I didn't seen ANY heritage stuff...hopefully by friday...
  5. That's so disappointing, sorry. I'm sure The Galleria/Westchester Mall in White Plains will have more. Danbury is a tiny store, I'm not surprised they don't have a great selection, but they should at least have the new stuff out by now, that's ridiculous.