My Coach Python Legacy Watch! (Pics)

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  1. I'm posting pics because there seems to be a real lack of pictures for coach watches on the forum, and I found almost no modeling pics for the legacy line. They just moved the python watch off the website, but it retailed for about $500. I got mine for a steal on fleabay :wlae: I'm not a huge fan of the python, to be perfectly honest, but it does look much prettier in person than it does in my craptacular photos. Anyway, I'm going to wait until the band wears out and then switch to the normal pigskin band. My wrists are pretty tiny (but they look really fat in the pictures), so it's hard to see the real size of the face, but it's perfect, imo. Not too large or too small, and the numbers are easy to read.

  2. Thats a beautiful watch! Im a real watch person - I always wear mine, and that is the face size and shape I prefer too - on the larger side and rectangular. It looks great on you, and it goes especially well w/that pretty bracelet you've paired with it. Im not a big fan of python either, but that strap looks nice, and I would probably switch it out to a leather strap at some point too - maybe even a colored leather strap.
  3. That is a beautiful watch, congratulations.
  4. Wow!
    I love it!!!
  5. nice! I just got a salmon colored lizard coach watch at the outlet when I exchanged my other metallic for this one.
  6. OMG I love that watch!!!
  7. That watch is beautiful!! I had one very similar to it but had to end up returning it cuz the scales started to pull up and that drove me nuts....I still miss that watch though....
  8. that looks so great on you!
  9. Beautiful!! Love the python and love the watch! Congrats!!!
  10. Wow, it's gorgeous.

    I have a question though.. where are Coach watches made? China? I'm desperately searching for a watch and I love Coach styles but I'd rather have a Swiss/Japan watch than a China one.
  11. Beautiful watch!
  12. Wow that is a real nice watch love the python
  13. Coach watches are made by Movado.
  14. Love the python, it looks very nice! Love the way you paired it with your bracelet!
  15. Thanks! I wear it a lot, actually. I got it when I was twelve (for $5!) during one of my sis's hospital stays, and it has a ton of sentimental value. I actually hate yellow gold, but I bought the watch because it matched the bracelet ;) Now it looks like all my jewelry is going to have to be yellow gold to match. Oh well.