My coach has faded!

  1. Good to know. I will tell my mom she should take her swingpack in.
  2. I have a black on black signature gallery tote that I only got in may and it is already fading and obviously i'm upset because i spent over $300 on it (scratch that my boyfriend did). Do you think they'd replace it? Its only 6 months old
  3. That's a good idea...I remember one day I took my choc. carly to a football game that my little sister was cheering at and it was really sunny, and I felt like a real ass caz the whole time I was thinking, "oh no...carly's gonna fade.."
  4. At the store level, no. Send it in for evaluation and they might.

    I had a non-signature jacquard fabric Coach clip hobo from 2002 that faded where my arm rubbed it when I walked. So friction and sunlight will fade black fabric.
  5. I just bought a black on black signature hobo. I don't plan on using it everyday, but I hope it doesn't fade. I never even thought about it.
  6. thats sorry best of luck gettin it fixed...
  7. I'm also scared my bags will eventually fade. But I try and keep them out of direct sunlight when I can.