My Coach Collection


Jan 12, 2009
Okay I just found this site, I'm a guy (any others here???) and felt like showing what I got. I got a matching wallet too, not in the picture. I can't wait to show my girlfriend this site! I'm gonna spend hours here.



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Jan 1, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
A lot of the coachies I work with buy their hubbies coach too. The guy in front of me doesn't get it though... since "he's just going to sit on it!" I LOVE your collection though!!!


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
If you already think you'll spend hours'll spend days!!! ha ha ha
When I first found TpF I browsed here and there, read some threads etc..until my TRUE obsession began!
We don't have many guys in the Coach sub-forum, I've seen them alot in LV and some in Prada! We surely do WELCOME YOU THOUGH!!!!

It'll be nice to have a gentleman's POV!!! You and your GF are going to meet some AWESOME gals's (and a few guys) here!!!

You've certainly got great taste!!! I just recently got DH to ride with me to the outlet, but he still sits in the car while I shop! I can't imagine if he would go in and SHOP WITH ME!!! Lucky GF you've got!!

Let me be the first and certainly not the last to say :welcome2:!!!!


Jul 10, 2008
I don't buy a bag until I read and search the forum. I love to see modelling pics to see what the bag actually looks like and there are so many lovely tPfers willing to offer advice.


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Dec 17, 2008
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I'm very fortunate that I have a husband who understands a woman's need for accesories. He's been down to Hawaii the last week and a half and has gone to the Coach outlet down there for me SEVERAL times looking for bags I've been wanting. He's coming back with two of them. But I find it very refreshing when a guy shows up on here. I sucked my husband into loving coach too. He bought himself a wallet while he was down there too! Welcome aboard.
Jun 3, 2006
Austin, Texas
WELCOME! You will enjoy it here for sure! You have a really nice collection. Just expect your collection to double in size within the next year's not unheard of here :smile:


Jan 12, 2009
They are all the nylon, not leather (except my wallet). I'm not super educated on the specifics of what each bag is called and they are mostly a year old so I'm not sure if the website would even say. I suppose I could look at the tags or something...Also, I'm pretty sure my coach collecting days are over, I feel like I have it all, haha plus I think I might move on to Burberry and/or Gucci....I hope that isn't like, sacrilage to say on this board, haha sorry!

Edit: Okay I looked over the site, I have the:
Varick Nylon Gear Bag
New Nylon Travel Kit (both pretty new)

A Suit Bag (which I can't find on the site)
My messenger bag doesn't seem to be on the site either. (both a year or 2 old)
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