my coach collection

  1. that i am slowly trying to get rid of;)
    cc1.jpg cc2.jpg cc4.jpg cc3.jpg
  2. That is quite the collection !! Why getting rid of it ?
  3. Nice collection! Why are you getting rid of it?! Thanks for the pictures!
  4. ;)because i only want lv bags now, i can finally afford them!!
  5. Nice, I love them especially the stachel.
  6. Ooh, I love LV too but some of these Coaches are beautiful, so colorful too! You should keep some if you think you'll use them, they're lovely.
  7. Great bags! Why not try eBay if you want to sell some?
  8. :biggrin:Thanks girls!! Great advice.
  9. the black sig. duffle...i have that!
  10. Which ones are you willing to sell at this time? I would be interested in a few of them.
  11. Great Coach collection.
    At this time she is not eligible to sell on our Forum.
  12. Great variety of shapes and colors!
  13. love the bags! very nice choices (i have a couple of the same ones)
  14. Do let us know which ones you're selling. That's a nice collection!!
  15. Great collection. Love the variety!