My Coach Collection: Revamped!

  1. I am home from work today because I had a wisdom tooth out today. I am definitely in pain and pretty miserable, so I thought why not distract myself and go through my collection and start a thread about it!

    I recently was wanting some new bags but I start school again in the fall and buying bags is just not a smart move right now. Then the Kristin collection hit the outlets. I have never been a fan of that collection but I always admired the mama sages, however WAY to big for me! Then I saw the baby sages at the outlet and fell in love!

    Long story short I started seriously rethinking my collection. I had a lot of MFF and very few FPs which is fine. I also was carrying mostly big bags with a lot of stuff in them and it was killing my shoulders! I started selling off a lot my extra accessories and some of my bags. Some were REALLY hard to part with like my pearl and pink Alexandras. But after I got a couple of the FP deletes I was thinking how much more I enjoyed the details on the FP bags. Don't get me wrong I love plenty of the MFF bags but I was really started to notice the difference. Also, I'm starting to pay more attention to which bags are going to hold their value in the long run.

    Anyways, let's begin!

    This is one of my MFF bags that made the cut. It was my second Coach bag ever and one of my favorites for sure. I actually considered selling it at one point to buy a chevron Sophia and sooooo glad I didn't!
    Perforated Brooke in Antique Rose:

    Next is another MFF that made the cut. My hubby bought this for me for Christmas last year at my request of course. I LOVE the details on this adorable bag. And now that I downsized what I carry to save my shoulder, I can carry bags this size on a regular basis, not just when I'm going out for an evening.
    Gathered Ashley in Stone w/ my new ballet slipper fob!

    This is the last MFF on my list. I almost forgot to include it because it's not an everyday. Although I will be using it on a trip next weekend.
    Heritage Web Tote

    Now to the newer stuff! My only siggy bag that I've wanted since they came to the outlet. Technically considered MFF I guess because of the creed but general consensus is that these were leftover FPs I think. I LOVE the pink leather trim on this bag!
    Madison Dotted Opart Convertible Hobo

    Next up is another FP delete. I LOVE the details on this bag, croc, shimmer leather, python. I have never had another bag like this! And the leather on it is sooo shiny and pretty. And the contrasting crossbody strap- I love it!
    Kristin Spectator Round Satchel in Shell pink

    Finally, another from the Kristin collection. I love these bags that have more than one way of wearing them! As you can see all of my bags are that way!
    Kristin Woven Hobo in Denim

    Now that I carry so much less I'm open to carrying a lot more styles like the Sophia and Ashley! I have been wanting so so so sooo badly a green patent Ashley but they are so hard to find. There is amazingly one on eBay right now, but it is a little expensive and I would feel guilty because I did so well shrinking my collection and selling so much to fund these bags. What do you guys think? Would you go for it?

    Anyways, thanks for checking out my collection and keeping me entertained on this super stinky day home! I love TPF!
  2. Sorry you're hurting...hope you feel better soon! Thanks for sharing pics of your revamped collection; you've got some gorgeous bags!
  3. Great Collection! Thanks for sharing! Sorry about the wisdom tooth!! Feel better soon!
  4. I almost forgot! I also have a Madison Carlyle! I snagged this baby on eBay for $17 in almost MINT condition! LOVE caviar leather!

  5. You have a beautiful collection!
  6. Nice collection! I love both MFF and FP too. :smile:
  7. Very nice collection, and I hope you feel better soon!
  8. Glad to hear you finally got the tooth out and you can put it all behind you! Very nice collection!!!
  9. I have the same exact Brooke!! Love it too! Feel better soon!
  10. You have a lovely collection...and well rounded in both style and color. I particularly love your perforated Brooke and the dotted op/art Madison.

    Hope you're feeling better.
  11. Nice collection ! Hope you feel better soon :flowers:
  12. get well soon... yup, that's a nice way of keeping urself busy while recovering at home. at least, u will not get bored. what a great selection u have...
  13. Love all of your bags, Get better real soon. Hate having teeth pulled...
  14. Thanks for sharing your collection! It feels good to get rid of excess I know!
  15. Love your collection! What a great deal you got on that Carlyle!

    Sorry about your tooth! Feel better soon!

    You don't have any green so I say go for the Ashley!