My Coach Christmas - From a Newbie

  1. Hi...Late posting but my Christmas was WONDERFUL...some bought for myself with PCE in December, others given by hubby! What a way to end 2007!

    Thanks for looking...Pam Kent:heart:



  2. Ahhh lucky girl you are!!!
    PS is that a bleecker leather large flap?
  3. Merry Christmas, welcome to the forum.
  4. wow lucky girl!
  5. oh the damier & the carly! top two items on my wishlist. *sighs* congrats and ENJOY! :smile:
  6. Thanks for the replies...Do you think I asked for purses??? HA

    They are as follows:

    Speedy Damier Azur 25
    Med. Carly Sig. and Beet
    Leather Bleeker (not the large flap)
    Chelsea Blue Optic
    Chelsea Black Vintage Leather Hobo
    Snowflake Charm
    Pink Heart Charm
    Punch agenda
    Resort wristlet (vermillion)

  7. Wow those are beautiful.. I love the carly and the bleecker!!! what color is the bleecker? beautiful!!! :tup:
  8. Ah what a great collection!!

    I bought the Bleecker Leather Large Flap in the same color (British Tan?) and mine came chock full with marks on it. How's did yours come? It looks great!
  9. Wow you are so lucky I am really jealous!!!
  10. The leather bleeker ( I am not sure what color it is called...or the official "name", all I know is it is NOT the large size) was the last one - the floor model - but it looked great..the vintage leather has some "scratch" marks but it is part of the leather..nothing major that will not rub out with has the plaid lining also!
  11. Yeah mine has the plaid lining as well! One of the things that sold me on the bag! Yeah mine came with so many deep scratches and I hadn't used it yet. I'm actually going to go back to the store tomorrow and see if I can try for another one.
  12. Very pretty- seems you had a wonderful Christmas!
  13. I LOVE that British Tan color of that Bleecker!!!! BEAUTIFUL.....all the bags are beautiful!!!!
  14. Welcome to the forum and it looks like you got a great start and love your LV too!
  15. lucky lucky! all of them you received or did you just get a few new ones?