My Coach Chirstmas Goodies!!!

  1. I Hope everyone had a great holiday! I got a couple of Coach things from my inlaws and the rest I bought for myself today!

    I got the T charm and the perfume solid from my SIL and MIL

    and today I bought the Barrett Sneakers, Taryn Sunglasses, Butterfly Keyfob, Flower Keyfob. and Scarf Wristlet. I didn't really feel like I couldn't live without any of the bags, but I liked this wristlet a lot and it is HUGE!!!

    My DH bought me a speedy 30 in Mono for Christmas, but I had to return it because I don't really care for mono.. I really wanted Damier.. he was ok with it! I am getting the Damier when they get more in.

    Plus I have bought so many bags this year I am seriously thinking about putting myself on a bag ban.. but maybe not an accessories ban :graucho:
  2. Blah.. forgot the pics! :nuts:
    DSCN2743.JPG DSCN2739.JPG DSCN2742.JPG
  3. what the heck!!! we got the SAME sunglasses but you got the cool new case :sad: no fair!!

    i lovvvvve the wristlet tho!!! i might just have to pick one up!!
  4. I love the wristlet! And the lining matches the little scarf! Too cute!!
  5. Nice stuff and I LOVE that wristlet. So cute!
  6. I was just inspecting my sunglasses and there is a scratch on the lens :sad: I guess they are going back :tdown:
  7. Very nice. I love the butterfly keyfob. you got some great gifts.
  8. I'm saving for a 30 damier speedy too! :smile:
    We can be twins :smile:
  9. yay! look at all those cute goodies. i have the shoes too but in denim. they are awesome and have had lots of compliments for them. how sweet of your inlaws to have gotten something so dear and close to your heart COACH! woot woot.
  10. awww... it isn't fair that you didn't get the new case. but this gives you an excuse to go buy another pair of sunnies so you COULD have the case winkky wink wink!
  11. I didn't get the cool case with my Taryn's unfair:crybaby: