My Coach Carlyn Kid Suede Flats

  1. I got these Coach flats not so long ago on ebay. To my surprise they were def. authentic. They had the original box and everything. This is a pic of the shoes but mine are a bit different. This one has the metallic version and mine is all different colors without the metallic.
    Just wanted to show you them:

    Gotham City Online - Women's Coach Carlyn Discount Flats Shoes
  2. Very cute! They look very comfy.
  3. Oh yes, they are very comfy. It's so soft inside.
  4. Pretty!
  5. cute!!
  6. I loved those shoes and always wanted a pair! Wish they were my size. Good to hear they're comfy, I always seem to have to break my coach shoes in.
  7. I love them...they're even different shades of pinks & gold. Congrats!