1. This cake totally surpasses the Cabbage Patch, Care Bear, and Barbie cakes my mom made for me as a kid.

    Yes, my mother made this cake. Ok - so the signature print is wonky (the CC's don't line up)...but she gets a A for effort, no?


    Note the detail...the hardware even!

    (And the cake came complete with a generous gift card! Yay! Shopping time!)



    ( name isn't jackie...she used that picture as a guide...hehehe)
  2. Your mom ROCKS. She put a lot of time and effort into making that cake for you and it really shows. I think that's so awesome!
  3. Wow, your mom is great. Happy Birthday by the way
  4. lol thats cute. i got a birthday cake with my favorite band keane on it!
  5. Damn straight she did!

    I mean...what 30 year old gets a cake like that for her birthday?!?

    Definetly outdid herself with that cake!
  6. Wow Wow!!! What a great job from your mom!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  7. Can't believe this :nuts: :nuts: Your mom is GREAT!!!:yes: Happy birthday!!:yahoo:
  8. That is so nice.
  9. Your mom definitely rocks! That cake is awesome. Hope you had a fantastic birthday!
  10. That is so sweet & thoughtful of your mom!! I never get a cake for my b-day LOL!
  11. Your mom rocks!! What a cool idea!!! :nuts:
  12. awww! that is ADORABLE!! congrats on having an awesome mom and happyr birthday!!! :party:
  13. Lol! That's so cute! Happy birthday!
  14. Oh. MY. GOD. That is the CUTEST cake ever! I LOVE IT! :nuts:
  15. wow you have an awesome mom!.. Lol, my mom just buys the cakes from the bakery or something. aww, she's so sweet!
    Thought this year, one of my friends moms made me a cake, and it was fabulous, perhaps ill show my mom this so she can GET A HINT!!