My Coach birthday cake

  1. I just celebrated a very special birthday and look at what my friends surprised me with. The also gave in $225 in Coach gift cards.

    This has been one of my favorite birthdays.
    Picture 281.jpg
  2. cute
  3. That is absolutely freaking ADORABLE!!!!! :heart: :drool: What great friends you have!!

    Happy Birthday!

    That cake is so COOL!!!!!!
  4. way cute! happy birthday
  5. looks as yummy as the real deal!!! Happy bday!!
  6. WOW! I would not want to eat that cake cause it is so pretty!
  7. Your friends are so freakin' cool! And very up-to-date too. :biggrin:
  8. AWESOME friends!!
    Looks yummy:drool:
  9. That is too cute! And really nice of your friends!! Happy Birthday!
  10. I want those friens!! What a nice surprise, they know you so well! Happy Bday! what are you buying?
  11. It took everything that I had to cut it The cake is three layers and the inside is chocolate. I had planned on going to the Coach outlet this weekend so I am going to take them with me. The timing was perfect.
  12. Nice cake. Happy birthday and have fun spending your gift cards. :smile:
  13. Awesome! Happy Birthday!
  14. More April birthdays - hooray!!!! Your friends know you too well - Happy Happy Birthday. Eat up and then go shopping at Coach for your executive workout. :woohoo:
  15. That's adorable! Happy Birthday. Have fun at the outlets! Can't wait to see what you buy. :smile: