My Coach Ali Slim from eBay is here

  1. Well, I bought a Coach Ali Slim Legacy #10327 in Black Leather from eBay. It's brand new, from an outlet, reputable seller....but my monitor did not pick up the rippling of the leather on the back of the purse. It looks different from the rest of the purse. I know it's an outlet purse, but sheesh it's wrinkly! It also seems dry. I have appleguard conditioner should I try using it? I know you shouldn't but I did on my Whiskey and it handled it fine.

    I'm not blaming the seller here and don't plan on trying to return it or anything, but I'm underwhelmed. I LOVE the size and everything else, but the rippling is UGLY! I spent 299.99 too. This is why I need to check purses out in person and NOT buy from eBay anymore! Lesson officially learned!
  2. Oh, no! I absolutely ADORE the slim flap in black leather, but was unable to find one myself. I am so sorry it is not perfect because it is a beautiful bag. I have not used conditioner on the Legacy leather, but I do spray mine with Wilson's leather protector. I would guess that if a Whiskey bag handled it well, then the black would, too, but you might want to wait to hear from other posters or at least try it in an inconspicuous spot. I don't think Coach recommends a conditioner on that leather, but I also know a number of people have used on with great results.

    Good luck, and I'm sorry it didn't look as perfect as you had hoped.
  3. I have seen that other ladies on this site us Appleguard on their Ali's. I know what you mean about the wrinkles but it might be the condition of the leather. I have a gardenia Leigh and the back is much different than the front. The front of the purse is smooth leather and the back looks like soft pebbled leather. That is what leather so unique. Can you post a pic of the part you are unhappy with?
  4. Thanks for the replies! Here are some pics:

  5. Yeah that would bother me too. I like all sides of my purse to be uniformed!
  6. My cousin has the regular Black Ali and it's so smooth and pretty! I just love the size of this one and the hassle of reselling it bugs! I may have to live w/it.
  7. Sorry but that does look pretty bad. If your not happy you should ask for a refund. Maybe this will help steer you away from eBay! Good luck.
  8. Ya that is how my Leigh looks. I think just some leather bags come like that sometimes. You either like it or you don't. If you don't likeit though I would def. return it for a refund and buy a different one.
  9. I just emailed the seller. And yes, this will keep me off of eBay in the future!
  10. I am so sorry that it came like that. Some sellers on ebay are just so horribull!
  11. I had a similar experience on ebay and I've decided no bag is so important to me that I have to go through ebay to get it! I REALLLY want a black leather Ali or slim flap, but it just isn't worth the risk for me!
  12. Well, she emailed me back and said no problem! She was really nice about it. I have bought from her before a long time ago. Should I take the refund or exchange for a Whiskey? She said she has 2 and will pick the best one and make sure that it does not have the wrinkling? You would think I would have learned my lesson by now! She has excellent feedback (over 1, 000) all positives. What should I do?
  13. If you really want the bag, I would give her another chance, with the stipulation that if it doesnt meet your expectations, you get a full refund. You really have nothing to lose at this point by trying once again.
  14. I agree that you should take a shot at the whiskey (if you also love that color). It sounds like you have a good seller who wants you to be happy, so it might be worth another shot.
  15. What about a partial refund. That side will always be against you and it doesn't stand up so you probably would never see the wrinkling. If you love the wiskey too then I say go for it but you may not be happy with the variations in that leather. I have the regular black leather Ali and love her. Good luck !