my co-workers told me fake LV is better. feel very bad

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  1. I had very bad day today in general, then in the end people in my office let me down with my first LV- Damier Speedy 30. I bought it just recently, collected money for it, you know. So, my director today said like oh, you know my wife yesterday was in LV store, saw the same bag as yours and said she's so dissapointed, like fake leather, she expected much more. Then another manager said, that she's wife is an idiot too, she goes shopping too much and spends too much money, but not THAT idiot to buy as expensive bags as LV. And then an assistant said she has a friend, who is selling fantastic fakes, 100% like original, so no need to spend money. Then for something like 30 min anyone was telling things llike that: I'm idiot to spend so much, nothing special, not even leather. Poor me, I felt so bad, all blushed. I was so proud to get the bag, now I feel so much down:crybaby: .
  2. be so proud and happy for your bag that you saved for! the people at work don't know what they are talking about. i am sorry that they made you feel badly.
  3. Sorry to hear about your experience, unfortunately not everyone can appreciate the workmanship of an authentic LV like you and the rest of the ladies here on tPF! I have the same experience at work too especially when I carry a new bag. But atleast you know you have a real authentic bag unlike your co-workers who may not have the $ or may just simply prefer fakes. They are just insulting you probably because they are jealous that you have the real deal. Keep your head up and don't let them get to you!
  4. I think that fake bags are only for fake girls ( and the partners ).
    Be proud to have an authentic bag, it's forever!
  5. just think about WHY YOU DIDN"T CHOOSE to buy a fake! and also what selling/buying fakes support. I had people tell me too that I'm crazy to spend too much on my bags..but it's your own money! You worked for it, not they!
  6. People can react so agressive, when you buy LV's I once experienced people were shouting at me that I was crazy and that I should do other things with my money. I hate it that people think that they know everything better.
  7. Don't pay attention to those people! I don't know why they behave like that (jelous? stupid?), but that doesn't matter, don't listen to them. Enjoy your bag! *hug*
  8. People really need to get their own lives. It's none of their business what you spend your hard earned money on, and you will have a bag that has such a high quality that you can pass it down to your children while their fakes probably fall apart after a year or two at the most :sick:
    Don't care about them and enjoy your bag!:smile:
  9. they are just jealous. we will see which bag is better when HER fake falls apart!
  10. Don't listen to them! Just enjoy your bag!
  11. Remember back to the feeling you had when you bought the bag...wonderful, yes? :p And think of all the people on this forum who are just like you, proud and happy when they buy authentic LV. So you're not alone! :yes:

    Unfortunately, owning authentic luxury goods means there will be people who set their agenda to make you feel awful about spending that much. I had this friend whom I knew since primary school who carried on every time I talked to him about how many third-world people could be fed with my bags :noggin:

    Reading the myriad of LV threads on here will remind you of how wrong it is to buy fakes, because of what the proceeds support, etc.

    You should ask these people if their wives wear diamond stimulants too. After all - it LOOKS the same (to untrained eyes), yet costs a fraction of the real thing. Why do people buy real diamonds? Perhaps for similar reasons people like us buy authentic LV.
  12. Why, oh why, can't people just keep their mouth's shut? I'm sorry that your co-workers made you feel crappy. You've got a beautiful, authentic bag - you know all of us here appreciate your good taste :yes:
  13. Ignore such inane comments from envious people they obviously do not know better. Enjoy your LV and remember the reasons you chose to love them. Only the people on TPF understand our obsession.
  14. Don't listen to them. We all have someone like that in our lives. One of my coworker brings over her fakes to me to show me how "they look exactly the same." Whatever. :rolleyes:

    You have a real bag. You worked hard for it, and you earned it. Don't let fools like that make you feel bad.
  15. don't worry darling and don't let them put you down??
    do u love your speedy??? I am sure you do, it is the only thing that matters ;)