My clutch is here!!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Although I'm a bit surprised by the color. I was expecting for a silvery metallic finish, because I ordered a graphite - it turned out to be almost a dark gray. Other than that, I'm a happy camper! :love:

    I have some questions though - to those who have the zip clutch, does your suede lining in the middle looked a bit rough? or was it all smooth when you got it?
  2. ^ Twisted, congrats! =)
    Graphite is a greyish color, it is not a metallic at all. =)
  3. thanks bag.lover! :smile:

    i ordered it from bloomies, and from their picture it looks metallic. that's why there was a point that i was concerned about the rubbing off.

    you guys use yours as a wallet correct?
  4. Yes, I use mine as a wallet. No the suede in mine is not that smooth. Congrats on the new clutch. You will love it!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. WOW! It's gorgeous! Enjoy!
  7. wow, thanks for the pics, looks very nice..I love it !!!
  8. thanks ladies! :flowers:

    i think my mom likes it as well :lol:
  9. Twisted,
    It's beautiful! I desperately want one of those...stupid Bloomies cancelled my order (along with everyone else). :smile:

    Enjoy your new love!
  10. :love: Oooh..That is Gorgeous!!!! I LOVE mine..It is THE MOST convenient wallet I have ever owned...I love all the compartments...It keeps me totally organized so I'm not fumbling for something when I need it....Congrats! Love the color! :heart: Emmy
  11. wow, that color is beautiful!
  12. LOve that color!!!!!!!
    I think its nicer than a metallic!
    Enjoy it!
  13. Hmm, I've had my eye on that color myself. On the sites I've seen it, it does look metallic, but your pictures definitely don't look metallic at all. I may have to rethink the graphite color now. Other than red, I really like that for a wallet.

    dawn71675: Did you just put in your Bloomies order during this last 20% off sale, or was that back in September?
  14. Love the rich graphite color! And you took great photos!
  15. How come they cancelled your order? Was this the Labor Day sale?

    yeah i think this would be the beginning of being organized - wallet wise. :lol: i've been using my coach wristlet as a wallet, and boy it was hard to get some coins out. lol

    yes indeed! i love it too :love: