My CL's got a shout out on my makeup girl's website!!

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  1. So I checked my makeup girl's site and this is what I found on her homepage:

    Why You need Diane in your life:

    You've got the date!
    You've got the fabulous dress!
    You've got the Christian Louboutin heels! (Raquel)
    You've got the fantastic photog!
    BUT.... if you don't have the makeup that measures up, you don't have the flawless, airbrushed kissed skin...........
    Your eyes, cheeks and lips are not camera ready................
    your lashes are not show stoppers....then stop the wedding!!!..
    Whoa! take a deep breath..The show will go on!

    Rock the bridal runway baby with Diane Gendel Makeup

    After all, YOU are the star of your show and you deserve the very best on your wedding day.
  2. Wow Rocky! That is so cool! What a great thing to be known for!!!!
  3. aww did you get super excited when you saw that? i know i would have!
  4. It caught me off guard because she had mentioned that she put me up on her site, but I didn't realize that there was a shout out. It's cute though!
  5. Cool!
  6. Hah hah, that's awesome!
  7. That is so cute!! Way to go!!