My Clous Wallet Has Arrived!

  1. Now if I could only afford that matching bag!... :rolleyes::p:heart:

    9-27-07 014.jpg 9-27-07 017.jpg 9-27-07 018.jpg
  2. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    that's gorgeous spiral!! congrats!

    if you don't mind me asking, how much was it? i was considering the longer version of the clous wallet, but i need something smaller...
  3. Lucky girl! LOVE it!
  4. that's totally hot. i esp love the mirror on the inside!
  5. Ack... SO CUTE! Very rockerish.... the mirror comes in handy too!
  6. Totally rocker hot!
  7. I love it!
  8. Geez! I was waiting for this baby!!! Congrats. Yeah a matching bag would be loverly...Is there a matching bag???
  9. Love it!!!!:heart: Very rock n I want one too!:nuts:
  10. really nice, congrats!
  11. so cute! congrats!
  12. There is one of these at Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach 949.759.1900. Or an 800 # so you can save your $$ for the actual wallet 800.395.1036. It was there yesterday at least . . .
  13. i love it...looks really cute!
  14. Thank you guys! I loved it but was worried it was too edgy. You girls have reassured me- every one of you that commented is so chic that I trust your opinions more than my own sometimes! :smile::heart:

    Thanks kimair! It was $299 from a private seller. ;)

    Yep KDC, there actually is! It is called the Clous bag, and comes in 2 styles: Here is a pic of one of them. I :heart: it, but the price is so tough... :sad:
  15. [​IMG]