My Cloudy is back!!!! Sort of...

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  1. I just received my replacement Cloudy bowler from Chanel.
    The repair service really *bleeped* up my Cloudy in the attempt to restore it, it came back looking like a cheap beige spray painted, faux finished version of the original :throwup: and they agreed to replace it with a new one.
    The ladies that handled my complaint were extremely nice and understanding and they sent me one out this week.
    To all the Cloudy Bundle owners out there.... don't take your bag to Chanel for the restoration, they cannot reproduce the pretty golden distressed finish of the original!!!
  2. oh no steffibp!!!! i guess the redye is good if you have a smooth lambskin leather bag because then the bag wont be prone to scratches anymore but a yummy, distressed leather? eeks, i cant even imagine how that turned out!!

    I'm glad they're replacing it for you!
  3. Can you post some pics? Glad that it all worked out.
  4. I'm glad you're getting a replacement.
    The original CB is so nice and soft and...just so yummy. I'm sad they cannot restore it back to original.
    Thanks for sharing the info. It's good to know.
  5. I don't have pictures of the restored one because I never took it home. When I saw it at the store I just left it there, I was too upset about it and the repair specialist was not available that day. But just picture a light beige color with small brown speckles everywhere.
  6. This is really a rehtorical question, but if we can't trust Chanel to repair our bags, who can we trust? I have not had any issues with any of my Chanels but if I did, I can't help but wonder how comfortable I'd be letting them send it away given some of the stories and photos of what people have gotten back. On the other hand though, I've also seen some really beautiful refurbishing jobs.
  7. I'm glad to hear they gave you a brand new one to replace the old one.
  8. OMG....sorry to hear that!

    I was thinkin of sourcing one cloudy bag if possible on eBay.....after hearin this, will think abt it then.
  9. I am so sad to hear that! *HUGS*

    Am glad they agreed to give you a brand new replacement.

    If the original brand cannot help with defects or after-sales services, who else do they expect us to go to? I don't get it! This is what we get for paying sooooo much money?