My cloudy day in Amsterdam is's super sunny for me in Flroence!!

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I was stucked in Amsterdam on Monday and finally got on my plane to Florence at midnight, very tired.
    After a long day of looting the outlets in Florence, I still have some time to browse the Florence H-stores. Not that many stuff there, a 47 bolide and 45 Victoria in Bougainvillea caught my eye......but still nothing too serious.
    However, after browsing for 5 mins a super super nice SA Junko came up to me and chat for a while. I asked her did she had anything in 40's (kelly or birkin) she said no.......:tdown: disappointed..................
    but only for 5 secs......:nuts:
    She told me I was lucky enough just to reach their new shipment today, after stocking taking, she'll know what is available Weds afternoon. So of course I kept my promise and show up 15:00 sharp at the store.
    Junko told me "we should have something for you"...........:graucho:

    So I waited for 3 mins, she brought out a black togo 30 birkin in Gold hardware.......waaaay too small for me........then a Bougainvillea Shoulder Kelly, extremely nice but waaaay to feminine for me, so I kind of frowned and maybe I had to walk out with nothing again.......and then she went back and brought out my new baby, another Mr Birkin 40 Clemence in Ebene:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: that makes my day very very very happy!!

    of course I had to have something else to go with it, so I bought a new twilly to match it and a very nice cotton/silk shawl with metallic that's part of my loot in Florence (outlet+Hermes) hahaha.. boxes.jpg



    b-2 (2).jpg

  2. Woohoo, that's a quick reveal and what a pretty purchases! I love all of them! The Birkin is gorgeous.
    Many congratulations to you and enjoy :biggrin:.
  3. Congrats!! Your new bag and twilly are lovely.

  4. Those 40s are tough to come by, so you r v lucky indeed!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  5. Congrats! Great purchases!
  6. Congratulations!
  7. Love your new 40, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. congratss!!! :woohoo:any modeling pics please??
  9. Many congrats! I love your new birkin!!
  10. Congrats pretty99 Great bag!!! the twilly and the shawl are so nice!
  11. :tup: Very pleased for you, congratulations pretty
  12. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. Sounds like Florence was wonderful to you.
  13. Wonderful! Congrats!
  14. congrats! everything looks so beautiful
  15. Congrats! Glad to hear you found some great souvenirs from Florence!