My Cloudy Bundle Broke!

  1. Argh! The strap on my new Cloudy Bundle tote that Nordstrom price matched for me two weeks ago broke today. I was so mad! This is my favorite Chanel bag and even at $1600 (the price after discount - retail was $2295), it is an expensive bag.

    Nordstrom in Canoga Park was very accommodating. My s/a arranged for DHL to pick up the bag from my house at their expense and it will be arriving back to the store tomorrow. The only n/s Cloudy tote left in the whole company is the display bag. Luckily it is the same color as mine that broke, but my s/a said there is a scratch on the back which really isn't noticeable unless you look closely. Some leather conditioner may remove it, so I told her to ship me the display bag when my damaged one arrives to the store. (I didn't want mine sent out for repair since it takes 3 months and should not have broken in the first place.)

    Does anyone shop Nordstrom Topenga at Canoga Park? Are the display bags behind glass or hanging around for customers to try on? I *hate* display bags! But now that I think about it, when I bought my Cloudy it arrived in a Chanel box without a Cloudy Bundle picture/style number and the price tag was in the inside pocket versus hanging from the bag. It very well could have been a return!

    And doesn't it figure that today is the day my dark brown Jumbo arrived to Nordstrom for credit to my account. I returned it for the Cloudy Bundle!!

    Thanks for reading my rant! I am beginning to question the outrageous prices we pay for Chanel. Part of reason I "graduated" from Chloe to Chanel is for better quality.
  2. I think we're paying for the name and the design... not necessarily quality.:sad:

    What part of the strap broke? Did it accidentally get caught on something? (I know you couldn't have been rough with it, I'm just trying to figure out how the strap could have broke.) Do you think it may have been handled roughly before you got it and you didn't check when it arrived?
  3. That's the weird thing, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary but put it down on the floor! The two brass rings on either side of the strap are connected by a pin, and the handle is stitched around the pin. The pin on one of the front straps broke free and the strap fell off. I brought it to my local shoe repair place and although they were able to re-insert the pin, the strap could not be reattached by sliding it onto the pin. Hard to explain, but he said all handbag manufacturers stich the handle around it versus slide the opening of the handle through one end of the pin and attach it to the other side. I didn't want to leave it for re-stitching in case it didn't turn out well.

    It felt fine when I first received it - nothing felt or looked amiss. But it very well could have been a return that was mis-used or a mfg. defect.
  4. that's awful, roey! i have heard that the quality for chanel bags is not as great as it used to be, which is terrible given the prices are going up and up! hope you get it replaced to your satisfaction!
  5. Sorry this happened to you, Roey. There have really been a lot of quality problems lately. I ordered the Ritz cosmetic pouch last week and there was some peeling of the patent leather, so I sent it back. I was so bummed because it was such a cute little piece.
  6. oh, no, roey!! i'm sorry to hear that happened. it must have been a manufacturing defect where a pin was not installed well. either that, or a return as you suspect.
    i'm glad nordstrom topanga is taking your bag back. hopefully the display bag is a-okay. i've never gone to the store in person (only ordered over the phone) as it's over an hour away from me, but if you want, i can check over the weekend.
  7. sorry to hear that roey, and u were so excited about the bag.

    Am I the only one that finds it totally and utterly ridiculous that bags costing upwards of $2,000 are breaking, rubbing off, peeling... after just days or a few uses?! It's Chanel for goodness sakes, aren't we paying the xtra $$ for quality (craftmanship/high-end materials)?

    I've had inexpensive handbags from Kenneth Cole, Jcrew, BR, Gap that have lasted almost 10 years without any issues and I abuse/throw around/overload them like crazy.

    I'm really starting to question whether or not I should continue to spend my hard earned $ on this brand? OH heck, who am I kidding - I'm ADDICTED!
  8. oh no roey! that's so sad that your beloved cloudy bundle is broken. i hope the one that they send you will be okay.
  9. :crybaby: Thats horrible!

    My sister is up in your neck of the woods and she shops at that Nordstroms all the time. In fact, she went to some grand opening too do and came back with a Jimmy Choo bag that to me looked kind of used.
    I just asked her about the Chanel area and she said she's tried on several of the Chanel bags and yes customers can access them quite easy.
  10. roey... may I suggest "orange power"
    thats top quality i've seem for the premium we pay.

    Anyway I'm so sorry to hear that it broke! But I can almost say I find imperfections in all my Chanels and had problems with several of them! I think Nordstorm was very accommodating with you, when I had a problem they said I had to pay for the shipping it back to them! WTH! Hence, I never bothered shopping there!

    I hope the backup one will be okay! otherwise perhaps we can do a me if you need any help!
  11. Same here! I can find imperfections in almost all of my chanel bags too, but some of them are minor enough that I could live with them...those that are real bad of course I had to return...and now the prices are going up! Well then their quality better goes up with that price tag!

    Roey, sorry to hear that, I totally understand how that feels esp. you love that bag a lot! Good luck with the backup one!!
  12. :cursing: :wtf: I hate hearing this about these bags that we pay so much for...I have 3 bags coming this week from chanel ....I am sending them back
    Sorry to here this Roey:sad:
  13. BTW I'm kidding ...I WOULD NEVER send them back...
  14. Roey, I am so sorry to hear about your cloudy bundle. That really bites! Especially considering how much money we pay for these handbags, you'd think they would be better quality. I hope the display one turns out to be ok and that the scratch is really superficial. That's just disheartening. Hang in there.

    I agree with Yorelica. Lately, it seems that it doesn't matter what the brand is, I can find defects in almost every single bag. Maybe I am looking too hard, but then for the price, shouldn't I expect a bag to be perfection?
  15. Oh no...I hope the display bag looks good. Stories like these are so upsetting!