My closet

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  1. Hi, I have just moved and still finding places for stuff... This closet has become the home of my bags for now.

    Missing in action are my pale gold YSL Belle Du Jour clutch, Mulberry clipper weekender and a summer straw bag!

    Hanging on the sides are my two fave Longchamps, silver Le Pliage in large size and black neo. Otherwise, here goes:
    In top row left to right:
    LV Speedy 25 with an extra LV strap, bought separately, Mulberry small Alexa, Saint Laurent small burgundy SDJ and an old Gucci horsebit hobo.
    Second row:
    Fumo small Miu Miu bow bag (new!! Bought from Ebay and authenticated here), chocolate Mulberry Bayswater, single flap Chanel Maxi with shw, and Chanel beige gst (bought in Paris :heart: )
    Third row: not that much to see :amuse: Shupette pouch in the middle is my make-up bag :cool:
    Fourth row:
    Dolce&Gabbana Miss Bonita, Chloe Drew in small and ice pink, Saint Laurent SDJ in baby and black, and black Celine Phantom.

    In last row, missing pic, is my Chanel Jumbo in black and shw!

    And in the balcony, after being cleaned a little are vintage Dooney&Bourke small black bucket bag and taupe satchel (?) from same brand! And a miu miu dust bag drying a little :biggrin:

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  2. Great collection! Your Saint Laurent SDJ is tdf! :loveeyes:
  3. Thank you! :smile::heart:
  4. your collection is elegant :smile: thanks for sharing!
  5. Oh wow that was so nice to hear :loveeyes: Thank you!
  6. Fabulous pieces!