My closet made me do it - reveal and collection in their new home

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  1. That is one GORGEOUS closet- thanks for making me smile today :smile:. Good for you- what a beautiful collection of clothes, shoes and bags- you have great taste!
  2. WOW! you are classy!
  3. :loveeyes::woohoo:
  4. Clu, do you still have the Madeleine GM? I'm currently obsessed with this.
  5. Sounds fun, sort of. lol I am sure you will be over the top pleased when you get it all done.
    I keep saying I want to paint and re-carpet, and keep talking my self out of it. Just so much to move just to do that. I would love to use one of my spare bedrooms as a closet. What fun!!
    Not sure my kids would appreciate it when they come to visit. haha
  6. I lvoe it
  7. Ok my husband has officially banned me from TPF!!! He didn't mind so much when it was me talking about bags bags bags but now that I'm wanting construction projects and renovations he's drawing the line!! Lol. You have an amazing closet and collection congrats!!!
  8. :loveeyes: looks amazing, congrats, love the colour, it's beautiful
  9. Wow Clu...Beautiful!!!! have a beautiful collection of handbags and shoes. Your closet is amazing! So happy for you!!!
  10. Love love love !!!! Congrats :biggrin:
  11. Wow ! I am speechless. You are one lucky lady. Congrats ! :smile:
  12. This is something I know all too well ... and it sounds like you're doing it on a much faster timeline than I'm on ... so I reaaaalllllly feel your pain.

    I must say, though, Madam, you have some very nice things with which to console yourself during those days of drilling and dust. And, of course, now a lovely place to house them.

    Your closet is now on my list of reasons that I really must come down south. I will consider it a pilgrimage (of sorts).
  13. Oh wow! Your closet is amazing and that turquoise SC is gorgeous!
  14. Bravo Clu!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful closet and those shoes and bags to die for. It's one of those closets that when you have a hard day, you want to just lock yourself in there with a glass of wine and a Cosmo magazine. Therapy I tell ya! ;)

    Your turquoise SC is amazing!! Enjoy your new bag an your closet... Wishing you many happy days in your home!
  15. That sc is amazing, and the wardrobe! Oh my👍👍