My closet made me do it - reveal and collection in their new home

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  1. I have every cruise perforated piece bar the Noe ..which I passed on ..I thought it was too much having every item from that collection …the saumur is a great bag.
    Congrats again on your hard work and beautiful SC PM
  2. Absolutely amazing, everything! Your collection and your new closet are the best eye candy I've seen, and all in one place! Thank you for making my night. Love it all!
  3. Everything looks so stunning. How great to be so organized and feel like you can view all your things:smile:. Love the paint color. I painted my daughter's room this color and it is my favorite room on the house. I did my master bathroom's main wall with white on the other three walls and it brightens things up.

    One thing I want to say is that it is supposed to be bad for leather purses to be stored in boxes like you say your Chanel purses are. There are quite a few posts on the forums about problems with purses stored in boxes.

    Enjoy your beautiful closet and making your home perfect. It is fun decorating but renovating seems to feel like it goes on forever.
  4. Love your collection and your closet. Amazing. :smile: good job!
  5. Simply stunning! Love all of your bags and shoes! I can appreciate this closet renovation as I am in the middle of this now..can't wait to have a nice shelving for my LV's!
  6. Thank you for all of the sweet posts! I really appreciate them!
  7. Thank you! My husband thought that the paint color was a little bold but now he wants to paint the gym in the same color! It is so cheerful!

    I am so on the fence about the Chanels in the boxes. They come out at least one a month as recommended, are stored with paper and silica packets to prevent moisture. But I still worry. I have never kept LV in boxes because of the untreated vachetta and possibility of drying out.
  8. +1:drool:
  9. Eye popping and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Frugal sign!

  10. Oh thank you!

  11. Thank you! DH doesn't find that sign assuming!
  12. Wow stunning ! beautiful collection and closet
  13. This is amazing! :jaw drops: love your newly renovated closet and your collections are stunning! Thanks for sharing! Congrats and well done! :smile:
  14. Your closet is FABULOUS!!!!
  15. You are one lucky girl!!!! Congrats on the closet Reno! It turned out great! :smile: