My closet made me do it - reveal and collection in their new home

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  1. Thank you - turquoise really is special. I think I am going to really like the pm size - it is a lot lighter than the regular size!
  2. Thank you! Cassis really is a special color. I like that LV is bringing purple bags back, but I still think cassis was the nicest.
  3. You are all too kind! Thank you so very much!
  4. Thank you - I am down on Wylie . . . I will be at Southpark tomorrow if you are around. The manolos have to go back to Nordies - too small :cry:
  5. Oh goodness - this is an amazing compliment as you have a collection TDF! It is nice to be organized because it is so not my thing - that is why my husband and I have our closets in separate rooms/floors - he is very anal, I mean organized.

    I actually had to sell some of my shoes. I literally bought shoes, never wore them and then bought basically the same shoes and did not realize it. That was when I realized I needed to get it together!
  6. Definitely go with the closet! I have been renovating since the summer and it has been so draining. At least I feel like I have something in order when I wake up in the morning. As I stated above - I was rebuying shoes! I did not even know what I had! I went away for the weekend and my husband had over a friend who knows a thing or two about women's shoes. He told him how much they cost and then looked at the soles to show DH what shoes had never been worn. I cannot believe boyfriend sold me out! And messed up the shoes - I could tell some were moved! :smile:
  7. Oh thank you so very much! Those SCs are a addition . . . now I want a bb!
  8. Thank you dear! How have you been?

    We are renovating just about everything. We bought a home that was bank-owned and empty for nearly two years. It had always been my dream to just tear everything apart. It's not as easy or as fast as HGTV makes it look! Right now, the master bathroom is being renovated. That should be it for the big projects. We have lots of things to do, but no more walls will be coming down!
  9. You ladies made me literally laugh out loud! Thank you so very much! :smile:
  10. :loveeyes: Thanks for sharing!
  11. Lol! Thank you! When I was done and all proud of myself, my husband came in and said, "looks great, but realistically, how long will this last?" Challenge accepted!
  12. Thank you very much! You are all too kind!
  13. Thank you all so very much! I am always overwhelmed by the kindness on this forum!
  14. Congrats on your renovations …looks lovely and I know the stress involved … well worth it when you review your work ..amazing shoe collection … I think I own approx 5 pairs of shoes.

    Congrats on the SC PM … one of the best seasons ever ..SC Cruise ..thanks for brightening my day:smile:
  15. Thank you very much! Yes indeed - Cruise 2012 was lovely. I know you have that amazing perforated clutch! Those perforated bags were so beautiful! I still keep my eyes open for a saumur, clutch or noe. :graucho: