My closet made me do it - reveal and collection in their new home

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  1. love your whole collection
  2. I'm sure you put a lot of had work into renovating your home. Your closet is a dream. It looks great. Also love that you added a ceiling fan in your closet. Wouldn't want your lv's getting to warm. :giggles:
  3. Can I make an appointment to go shopping in there? Everything is just breathtaking. That view from the window is also magical. Congrats on this incredible project! :heart:
  4. I love your closet! Everything looks so spacious and beautiful! Also congrats on the new fabulous bag and shoes! I want my closet to look like yours when I grow up!!!
  5. Amazing. A lady should always have a dressing room.
  6. What a lovely collection and dream closet indeed! Congratulations!
  7. wow absolutely breath taking...ur closet, shoe collection. bag collection is TDF.. such a beautiful collection you have
  8. Omgoodness!!! Fabulous!
  9. WOW!!!!! Clu, it turned out so nicely! I have a soft spot for turquoise, and that SC is so dreamy. As are the shoes and the view. Good for you! :smile:
  10. I enjoyed the tour, love the color of your amazing closet. The turquoise SC is breath taking. :loveeyes::loveeyes:

  11. Yaaaas, yaaaas, yaaaaaa! :faint: that shoe closet organizer set-up is what I need in my life!!!

    Girl, whew!!! I needed this today!!!
  12. Beautiful color and closet!
  13. Thank you so much! This has finally been a fun project!
  14. WOW!!!! It's all so beautiful!!! Love your loafers. They are so cute! Love your SC and the color is gorgeous. And your closet.......just AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Eye candy galore!