My closet made me do it - reveal and collection in their new home

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  1. Congrats on your renovations Clu ~ your walk-in closet is wonderful!! Thankyou for sharing all your fabulous ideas and the great pics with us.

    I love your Turquoise SC, it's such a beautiful colour. I have one too! All your bags and shoes are totally droolworthy :love:
  2. Wow, that is one great closet! Congrats!
  3. great closet! love the Cassis Speedy too
  4. Love it!!
  5. Wowzers Clu!!! Huge congrats on that fabulous closet. It even has a view. :drool:

    Your handbag and shoe collection is can I say this... out of this world! :loveeyes:

    You have so many lovely things and because you're so organized now you'll be able to see all the choices that you have on any given day. How wonderful.

    You're a very lucky lady. Thanks for letting us all share in the joy you must be feeling.
  6. One word...AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing!!
  7. Stunning closet, shoes, and bags! Congrats! :tup:

    Funny that you're posting this cuz I just decided last week to renovate my closet. I was struggling with deciding to finish my media room (which I'll rarely use) or doing my closet (which I go into everyday) and you gave me the inspiration I needed. The closet it is! Now my 100 pairs of shoes and lovely bags will have a fitting home. Thanks!
  8. Looking great clu. Love the color on the wall. I thing both bags are very functional, of course. Congrats.
    Are you enjoying redoing the home? Lots of work, tons of time , but if you enjoy, can be tons of fun
  9. what an amazing closet with a gorgeous collection!!! I would love to have that too!!! awesome.... huge congrats!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍
  10. Oh my!! Great bags, shoes, closet, room, colors. Lol did I leave anything out? Looks awesome.
  11. What a wonderful closet...Lk Norman or Wylie?
  12. I let out an audible gasp when I saw the picture of the shoe! Gorgeous shoes and gorgeous SCs! Congrats!

  13. I'm thinking of listing it in evilbay but don't have time toooo much work. Right now what I'm doing is selling it to my friends and coworker in installment plan😛
  14. THE SHRINE IS FINALLY COMPLETEEEE!! Woohoooo~!!! My jaw just dropped- what an amazing collection of shoes you have! Love your new sc too! Clu, congrats on your dream home renovation and collection~!
  15. My closet told me, Clu, that it wants to grow up to be like yours .. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: