My Cles Reveal!! (Instant)

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    The lovely man from FedEx brought this for me this morning - laughed at my excited face when I saw him. :smile:


    My lovely new Monogram Vernis Cles Poche in Pomme D'Amour.

    Thank you to all you tPFers that helped me be sure about my Cles purchase! I love it!!


    PS. What is the best way to upload photos from an iPhone??! I really struggled to do so much as paste a link from Photobucket... There must be an easier way?!
  2. Very pretty!! Download the purse forum iPhone app and you can upload pictures pretty quickly!
  3. I upload to the Photobucket app from my iPhone, it's really easy! Congrats on the clés!
  4. pretty! And yes, download PurseForum for iPhone app. When you post, choose "Advanced", then upload pictures directly from you photo or camera stream and Voilà! Post with pictures attached!
  5. RED HAUTE! Love it.
  6. It's such a beauty, congrats
  7. i love the pomme :love: beautiful! congrats!
  8. Pomme Cles twins!! I love mine too, but only after having the boutique remove the chain and key clasp. I just found it bulky. Un-tethered, I LOVE it! And the chain I had attached to D ring in my bag by the LV guys. They said they do this all the time. It really works great...if you find the length doesn't work for you. (but maybe I'M the exception!)
  9. So pretty!
  10. oh my, so pretty! Now I am tempted to get one! congrats!
  11. Love it congrats
  12. Very pretty! Congrats!
  13. Not to hijack this thread, but could you post a pic of the chain attached to your dr ing? I'd love to see it. Thx.

    PS. OP - congrats on the cles!! LOVE the color!
  14. Oh didn't know they would do this, Did u pay to get this done?
  15. Love the Vernis! I think it looks so fantastic on SLGs