My clear bracelet & panda cles

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  1. The wait is finally over! :yahoo:
    I've waited so long for the panda cles, & also the clear inclusion bracelet as well... I received both today!

    Now I can wear my berry & the clear bracelet together, & also use the panda as an extender for my mandarin epi pochette! :wlae:

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  2. Congrats !!! I'm so happy for you! Such great items! Didya get them from the Toronto stores? I hear great things from the people that buy there! :yes:

    Makes me wanna go 'Canuck! :lol:
  3. congrats! I can't wait until my store gets the clear inclusion!
  4. Both are gorgeous! Gongratulations!
  5. It's very pretty! Congrats!
  6. That's sooo HOT!
  7. Love the both - the inclusion bracelet is so gorgeous!
  8. ooooh wut great additions to your collection!!
  9. Congrats!!!
    The clear inclusion bracelet is so cute!
    I love you use the panda as an extender for the pochette...that's cool!!!
  10. Gorgeous!!!! :nuts:

    4everLV, are you from Toronto as well?
  11. Very nice!! Great color combo with the pink and transparent! I love your mandarin pochette!
  12. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I broke the record this month with 4 LV accessory purchases! Yikes!

    I'm not from Toronto... I'm a cowgirl... lol
    Cowtown :rochard:
  13. Congrats!!! GORGEOUS accessories!!

    LOL when I bought my Azur Speedy 30, it was the last one the store had so I had to buy the floor model...which had the panda keychain attached to it!!

    ...evil, but I was hoping the SA would forget to take it off b4 he wrapped my bag up!!!
  14. Congrats!
  15. I love those bracelets!! and the panda ofcourse it cute!!!